, the perfect resource for Home Buyers!

Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned vet in the world of real estate, everyone who delves into the murky waters of buying or selling a home should start the process with doing a little research.

Laws change.  Markets change.  New programs are added.  Old programs expire.  Existing programs change.

For every buyer that approached us, seasoned or not, I recommend that they go to before they start the process.  I respond to all questions to the best of my ability but also send out the resource for my answer.  For most questions, the answers can be found on the link above.  On the top bar of the website is the tab “Audiences”…if you click there, most will go to the homebuyer or homeowner tabs…each contains a wealth of information.

But that certainly leaves out numerous people who are in need of answers to your questions.  The audience groups for reference are appraisers, housing counselors, inspectors, landords, lenders, nonprofits, Real Estate Brokers, and Renters.  This page can be found here or navigate through the home page above.

Although I recommend visiting this site to everyone, it is without question, the best resource for the first time home buyer.  Knowing the steps of buying a home can make the process more efficient and less stressful.  This is a one stop shop for just about everything you need to know.  Everyone has their experiences and opinions but they can range from “it’s a nightmare” to “piece of cake”; your experience will more than likely be somewhere in the middle.

Take your time.  Do your research.