Can investors purchase a HUD property?  Yes, but you must wait until the Exclusive listing period is over, since no investors can place bids during that time. Once the Exclusive listing period ends, the Extended listing period begins, then investors can bid on the home (as can owner-occupants, nonprofits, and government agencies).

Can I bid on HUD properties myself?  No. HUD requires all bids be submitted through a HUD-registered broker.  To find a registered broker in your area, give us a call or click here.

How do I search for a property in my area?  Go to and click on a state.  You can also type in part of a street address, or part of any of the other text fields. You can also search by price range, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, buyer type, or property status. The system will select all properties that contain the letters or numbers that you typed in.

Can I withdraw/modify a bid after it has been submitted?  Yes, you can withdraw a bid after it has been submitted up until the bid-open date. A bid whose status is “SB” (Sealed Bid) can still be withdrawn or modified.

What are the listing Periods?

Properties can be in one of four listing periods, depending on the type of property, the Bid Open Date, and how long the home has been on the market. These listing periods are:

1. Lottery (7 days): All uninsured homes start in the Lottery period. The only insured homes that start in the Lottery period are insured single-unit properties in a revitalization area. The next listing period is the Exclusive period.

2. Exclusive (no bidding for investors)

(a)   Insured properties (15 days): Insured properties not in a revitalization area begin their listing periods here. For insured homes that are single-unit properties in a revitalization area, the Exclusive period follows the Lottery period. The next listing period is the Extended period.

(b)   Uninsured properties (5 days): All uninsured properties enter this 5-day Exclusive period after the Lottery period. The next listing period is the Extended period.

3. Extended (up to 180 days or open-ended): If the home has an as-is appraisal value of $1 to $25,000, it goes into a 10-day Dollar listing period (see below) after being on the market for 180 days. After the 10 days, it returns to an open-ended Extended listing period. Those homes whose value is zero dollars or greater than $25,000 dollars remain in what becomes an open-ended Extended listing period.

4. Dollar (10 days – Government purchase only): This listing period is ten (10) days and is for homes that have an as-is appraisal value of $1 to $25,000. After the $1 listing period, the home enters an Extended listing period that has no ending date (except when the home is purchased or reanalyzed). Government agencies can still purchase the home for $1 after that home leaves the $1 listing period and enters the Extended listing period.

How do I get more information about a specific HUD property?  If you would like to see more contact information for a HUD-owned property, find the property, then click the Case number, and select the Agent Info tab on the Property Details screen.

What would make me ineligible to buy a HUD property?  Owner-occupants are not eligible if they purchased a HUD property as owner-occupants in the past two (2) years.

Can I buy a HUD property as a Company or with others?  Yes. You need to work with the Selling Broker to find out how a purchase by multiple buyers is handled.