Below is directly from the HUD Homestore website and will answer some of the more common questions we get regarding purchasing HUD Homes.  Call us with any questions or set up an individual appointment to receive a presentation on purchasing HUD Homes.  540-628-2226.

  1. To search for all the HUD properties in a state, click a state on the U.S. map (in the HUD Homes screen) or use the Search Properties area and select a state before clicking the Search button.

    You can type in part of a street address, or part of any of the other text fields. You can also search by price range, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, buyer type, or property status. The system will select all properties that contain the letters or numbers that you typed in.

    TIP: Less is more. The less you type in, the more homes will display as a result.

  2. Owner-occupants are not eligible if they purchased a HUD property as owner-occupants in the past two (2) years.
  3. You cannot put in an offer on a HUD Home by yourself. You must use a Selling Broker who is licensed to sell HUD Homes to represent you (or a Selling Agent who works under that Broker), or you can go through the HUD-Registered Listing Broker for the home. Either way, the Broker/Agent must be registered on HUD Homestore to place the offer.