The process of buying a home can be intimidating to those people who have little experience at purchasing real estate.  There are numerous questions that one faces when it comes to buying a home.  So why are we posting on here that there are benefits to buying HUD?  We will have the benefits listed below, but starting your home buying search by going to the HUD webpage provides you with all of the resources you need to prepare yourself for that first talk with a lender or real estate agent.   The BUYING A HOME website on gives you a road map for the process from start to finish.  We highly recommend you starting your home search on the link above and looking for properties on  There are never enough properties on this site for everyone to purchase a HUD home, but starting here will give you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of using this site to purchase your home…but why?

1.  The properties are listed at FHA APPRAISED value!  This takes the uncertainty away from the get go on what the house is worth!  Now, the home may be worth more or less to you, but you can feel safe in knowing that the property is priced by a licensed appraiser.

2.  Once an offer is submitted, you know exactly when to hear a response!  If it’s beyond the first 10 days, you will hear back on your offer the very next day!  If it is within the first ten day, there is a running clock on the website!

3.  You are automatically given 10 days to conduct a home inspection, it is not part of the strength of the offer.  HUD will post the Property Condition Report which will spell out all that they know is wrong with the property.  HUD does not hide anything and wants your experience to be a good one!

4.  The process is so simple and all done online.  Once the offer is accepted, the contract will be generated and pushed out to all involved by email.  There is no running around trying to get signatures, making sure all necessary forms are signed. Very simple.

5.  Lastly, what you see is what you get!  There is no hassle or haggling.  You know exactly when closing date is.  They will pay up to 3% closing costs as long as the net offer is strong.  All is on the table.

Please go to or call today with any questions about purchasing a HUD property or navigating your way through the webpage!