“We’ve Got Orders to Quantico!” Which School?

I’ve heard this phrase before from both my husband and from clients.  For me, those words sent a momentary wave of anxiety when I thought of my sudden new “to do” list of all the things we needed to think of and do when we PCS’ed as a military family to his next duty station.  For us, finding the right schools for our children was the number one priority on our housing search list when we began the hunt for our home near Quantico Marine Corps Base.

Stafford County Public Schools, in my personal opinion as a resident, has a lot to offer our children.  When you are looking for your next home, you can find the school your child may attend in our county by looking at ATTENDANCE ZONE STREET LISTINGS on the school districts website.

Stafford County is currently in a period of development and growth and because of this our middle and elementary schools have again undergone redistricting.   But here is my little word of caution.  During this time of redistricting, it may not be wise to rely only upon school zone information which is written on advertising and marketing information of homes for sale or rent.

So, before you pull the trigger on your new home purchase or lease, you need to double-check your attendance zones for 2015-2016 so you don’t suddenly find out in September, when school is back, that your children aren’t attending the schools you wanted them to.  You can find the new redistricting school zone document here: Stafford County School Redistricted List.

Stafford County Public Schools Website is a good source of information for new residents.

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