New Water Heater Regulations. What you need to know.

National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA)
New Efficiency Standards Mean Big Changes in Water Heaters.
What Does That Mean For You?

The federal government is mandating new efficiency standards for water heaters, effective April 16, 2015. The changes to the Energy Factor requirements certainly will increase efficiency saving energy and lowering your operating costs.  However, this benefit may be offset by homeowners by having an increased initial investment should their current hot water heater need replacement.

Here is a good link to good information about how the changes may impact you.  RHEEM HOT WATER HEATERS

In some cases, the new water heater may have to be re-located to fit properly, operate safely, or mitigate noise.
In rare cases, the performance of the new water heater in terms of hot water deliverability will be less than the model that was replaced. You may need to consider a different size or alternative solution to meet your family’s hot water needs.

Its important to know what the requirements are and to make sure you’re hiring the best qualified contractor who can guide you in your options should you need a new hot water heater after April 16th and plan ahead by tucking a few extra bucks away to cover any additional unexpected costs if they arise.