Buying a Home?? Here are the Steps to Take…

The absolute BEST resource to get you started is on  The site to get you started can be found at this link.  Start here, talk to friends, use a Real Estate Agent…but EDUCATE yourself first!

  1. Reconcile what you want with what you can afford!
    • Find a good Lender!  Most importantly, SHOP AROUND!
    • Educate yourself on various homebuying programs and ask the lender about them!
  2. Understand your RIGHTS as a Home Buyer!
    • Go to the links above to start.
    • Talk to a Real Estate Agent!
  3. Shop for a home!
    • Use a Real Estate Agent.  They have access to all of the right tools and access to properties!
    • Use the internet to narrow down what you are looking for…send to your agent!
    • Start at to see what HUD properties are available in your area.  This is a shameless plug, I know…but the folks at Sage/HUD make it a priority to help homebuyers purchase a home they love and can be proud of…
  4. Find the house you want and make an offer!
    • Always make an offer at an amount comfortable to you.  Don’t get hung up on what the seller originally paid for the house.  Markets change!
    • Consult your real estate agent about what is reasonable in the current market conditions.
    • Take sound advice from the Corleones: “It’s not personal, strictly business”.  Although buying your home is an important personal decision, remember it is personal on the other end of the transaction as well.  Don’t be offended by decisions made on the other side; they’re doing what they think is the best for themselves as well!
  5. Offer Accepted!  Contract Ratified!  DO A HOME INSPECTION!
    • Recommend getting a professional Home Inspector.  We’ll do another blog on what you can expect from a good one.
    • Negotiate with the seller regarding required repairs noted in the home inspection.
    • Make yourself available during the inspection to walk through the inspector.  Use that inspection to know your home inside and out.
  6. Home Owners Insurance.  Title Insurance.
    • Home Owners Insurance: Protect yourself.  Do not cheap out on this.  Most of the time, this will be required by the lender.
    • Title Insurance: Talk to your closing agent about the importance.  Listen to their horror stories.  Again, protect yourself.
  7. Sign the papers and close!
    • Take your time, READ the contract, and ask questions!
    • This is where picking your closing agent is so important.  Listed and Learn!